Thanks to Swift-Cut, it’s never been more affordable or achievable to own a water-jet cutting system. Waterjet technology produces excellent fine-feature cut quality with low edge taper, no heat-affected zone, a narrow kerf, and dross-free cutting.

It also offers the ability to process nearly any material and a thickness range capability unmatched by other cutting technologies.

The Swift-Jet machine with its easy to use software, powered by Hypertherm HyPrecision pumps provides high quality cutting on a wide range of materials at a low-cost investment. Easy to use with exceptional aftercare and support, the Swift-Jet is the answerto affordable, high precision in-house cutting.

Collision probe Enclosed drag chains Water tank Dual Y Axis AC servos EtherCAT communication Software Bellows & cover Hopper Linear rails Enclosed drag chains Operators console

Swift-Jet overview

Swift-Jet range

Swift-Jet machines

1525mm x1525mm
cutting area (5’ x 5’)

1525mm x 3050mm
cutting area (5’ x 10’)

Full spec

Swift-Cut Software is among the best in the industry – easy to learn, easy to use and with minimal training requirements, machines can be in production within hours of delivery.

swift cut software

Automatic nesting
Automatically nests parts for economical sheet usage

Automatic lead in/out
Software automatically applies lead ins/out for quicker programming

Micro joints
Tabs to prevent parts moving whilst cutting

Continuous cutting between parts to reduce cycle times

Common-line cut
Cut along shared edges of parts.

Sheet Alignment
Align the cutting path with misaligned sheets on the cutting bed.

Reference points
User configurable reference points for jig fixtures.

Cut modes
5 cut quality modes from fine to rough

Parametric shape library
Over 80 configurable shapes

Part in part nesting
Nest parts in scrap areas to fully utilise the sheet

Customisable cutting rules
 Optimise cutting parameters for best cutting performance

Pre-programmed toolsets for common materials

Customisable toolsets
Modify or create toolsets for new materials.

Job reports
Export job reports displaying scrap percentage and cutting times.

3D Cut Simulation
Play a 3D machine simulation of the cutting operation.

3D part preview
Preview the part in 3D before cutting

Maximum traverse speed 15m/min (590 ipm)

Maximum Z clearance 220mm (8.5 inches)

Positional accuracy 0.0150mm (0.001 inches)

Tank Depth 840mm (33 inches)

Hypertherm HyPrecison pump

HyPrecision 30hp

HyPrecision 50hp

Swift-Jet in action

swift - jet

Lawhon Welding in South Carolina provide a full fabrication facility including bending, shearing and designing – prior to discovering Swift-Cut, they were cutting metal by hand, a time consuming and costly exercise that didn’t have a huge profit margin.  Not only was it labour intensive, but cutting by hand then required a lot of secondary operations to clean things up – further stretching the operational output and putting more pressure on the costs they had to hand down to the customer.

Customer’s requiring more precise work with thicker metals were a problem, right up until Swift-Cut introduced him to the Swift-Jet 510 Waterjet System.  This has been game changing for Lawhon Welding, who are proud to say that the combination of both the Swift-Jet and Pro machines capabilities has revolutionized the way they work.  Glenn said, “We cannot believe the accuracy and edge quality that we’re able to give our customers.  Having both technologies allows us to provide our customers with the best solution for their requirements.”

Swift-Jet features


swift jet

Collision probe protects the cutting head in the event of a crash.


Bellows and covers prevent ingress for component protection.

water tank

swift jet

Epoxy coated heavy duty steel water tank is long lasting and delivers stability for precise cutting.

operators console

swift jet console

Ergonomic standalone operators console with touch, keyboard and mouse inputs.

Enclosed cable protection

Swift jet

Enclosed cable drag chains protect cables reducing potential downtime.

Unmatched positioning accuracy

swift jet

Omron AC servos with high resolution encoders drive precision ball screws on all axes for unmatched positioning accuracy.