Top 5 reasons why we make the cut

– FREE installation (as standard)

– FREE training (as standard)

– Fantastic support

– Being the easiest to use

– Heavy-duty tables and quick setup

Swift-Cut’s mission is simple – from inception we pledged to provide smart cutting solutions by building affordable, high quality machines, with a customer service that is unrivalled. Whilst our company has grown in size and range, as well as expanded overseas, our fundamental and founding objective is resolute and still drives everything we do.

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The Swift-Cut machine is the affordable plasma cutting machine with the incredible opportunity for a rapid return on investment. Our customers have seen their machine pay for itself in as little as six weeks due to its phenomenal potential for fast business growth as well as previously unrealised possibilities for product diversification.

“It’s saving days of work and thousands of dollars”. – Stan Saunders

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The Swift-Cut range offers phenomenal value for money – a low cost, high quality machine with cutting capabilities that defy the price tag.

“With our new Swift-Cut PRO 510 WT Powermax 105 with Swift-Trace and Auto Nesting, we’ve reduced production from three operations down to one, creating the equivalent of an extra person for increased capacity and getting higher volumes.  We’re getting more for less and we’ll have paid off the machine within 12 months” – A & B Farming

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Having in-house cutting capabilities takes back control of your own production, removes the expense of outsourcing and gives your business the opportunity to grow and expand at a phenomenal rate

“The ability to fine tune parts in real time and speed up production time has been a game changer. We can now cut multiple parts of different shapes in an instant instead of outsourcing or cutting by hand themselves saving time and reducing costs.” – DSO Creative Fabrication

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The Swift-Cut machines are built to incredibly high standards. In fact our very first Mk1 table sold in 2011 is still going strong. All our tables feature durable, robust designs and we have different ranges depending on whether you want to cut for an hour here or there, or 16 hours a day.

“They are ruggedly built, easy to use, have great accuracy and most importantly, give an excellent cut.” – Alan Bradford

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The robust build of the Swift-Cut machine is matched only by the high-speed precision of the cut and to make sure every Swift-Cut plasma cuts to these exact standards, we Renishaw ball-bar test every one of our tables before despatch to certify the positional accuracy and circularity. Question any manufacturer that doesn’t do this.

“The parts we cut using the Swift-Cut PRO 510 are of a higher standard than our outsourcers. Very few companies are who they say they are, but Swift-Cut promised a quality product and then backed it up”. – Full Metal Solutions

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The Swift-Cut system is so easy to learn and use, we believe half a day training is ample to get you up and cutting.

“The training was so easy and on-point, I was comfortably running both machines inside a week!  The software is very easy to use and you just can’t put a price on the standard training that they include” – Lawhon Welding

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Swift-Cut support is the industry leading package which aids and assists our customers throughout their journey. Using a combination of telephone, online (remote login) and App support (via downloadable app for iOS and Android) we can rectify 95% of application issues remotely with minimum response times for both UK and global customers

“The Swift-Cut software is intuitive and easy to use. It’s as simple as it needs to be, while still retaining a great deal of customizability for a more advanced user to create the very best quality parts. The reliability of the machine is exceptional and the engineers are knowledgeable and helpful.” – ML Ruberton

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