Swifty CNC cutting machines

The Self-Assembly CNC Cutting Machine for the Smaller Set-Up

The Swifty is a versatile CNC plasma cutting machine that offers great value for smaller workshops, education and artists. It’s easy to use, with a variety of cutting capabilities. All that’s required from the customer to operate it is a power source, an air compressor and a laptop or PC.

The Swifty is an industry leading self-assembly, easy install CNC plasma cutting machine.  Lightweight and compact but seriously robust – it’s changing the way workshops and studios are cutting metal on a global scale and bringing metal cutting in-house for more and more businesses.

Ideal for small artists workshops to colleges right through to the manufacturing industry, the Swifty is the low-cost machine with big potential. Self-assembly is easy with the online installation manuals and ‘How To’ videos, and the aftercare and support that Swift-Cut is renowned for comes as standard.

Swifty overview

Swifty dimensions

Swift-Cut Swifty 1250 CNC plasma cutting table

Swifty 1250

1250mm x 1250mm – 4’ x 4’

What’s in a box?

Swift-Cut Swifty CNC plasma cutting table in a crate in a warehouse
  • 1 x Swifty 1250 complete with machine stand, cutting deck gantry, duramax torch.
    (Note 450Kg package weight)
  • 1 x Hypertherm Powermax45 XP/ Powermax65 Plasma Unit (Optional)
  • Software license key and documentation for Solid Edge, Swift CAM/ Swift CNC
  • Full assembly and installation instructions manual with details of the machine set up requirements and tools and equipment required. USB with a full suite of instructional how to videos from the installation process to the cutting of your first component.

Full spec

Breakaway head
Magnetic breakaway head protects the torch from collisions.

V-Rail with twin top and bottom v-rollers for consistent positioning.

Safety covers
Covers offer protection to key components against sparks and molten material.

Torch height control
Automatic torch height control maintains the correct cutting height resulting in improved cut quality and consumable life.

Laptop stand with integrated Emergency Stop.

Plate sensor
Pneumatically driven “Soft Sense” soft touch plate sensor to accurately locate the plate surface even on thin materials


Powermax45 XP*

* Single phase option available

SwiftCAM is CAD / CAM application software developed to allow ease of use for any of our Swift-cut cutting tables, guiding the user to production through a simple path and minimising the time normally set aside for programme preparation.

An easy to learn product, SwiftCAM allows you to verify the recently created production cycle via 3D simulation in a realistic environment to test its functionality.

Direct Cut Control

Remote control of settings for Hypertherm Powermax plasma systems.

o   Automatic control of cutting amps.

o   Automatic control of air pressure.

o   Automatic control of cut mode.
o   Read fault codes from the software.


Easy to use with basic and advanced screens.

Sheet Alignment

Align the cutting path with misaligned sheets on the cutting bed.

Sheet Trim

Easily trim scrap material from sheet stock.

Cut Recovery

Easily recover interrupted cuts due to a breakaway head
or emergency stop condition.

G-Code Favourites

Save up to 5 g-code files for quick loading.

Dry run

Run the g-code file without cutting.

Automatic lead in/out

Software automatically applies lead ins/out for quicker programming.

JPEG/DXF/DWG import capable

Import .dxf files or convert .jpg images for cutting.

Automatic nesting*

Automatically nests parts for economical sheet usage.

Part in part nesting

Nest parts in scrap areas to fully utilise the sheet.

Customisable cutting rules

Optimise cutting parameters for best cutting performance.

Customisable toolsets

Modify or create toolsets for new materials.

3D part preview

Preview the part in 3D before cutting.

Parametric shape library

Over 80 configurable shapes.

*Advanced Only

Prior to the installation of your new Swifty CNC plasma cutting machine the following on site requirements must be considered.

Offloading and Installation
The Swifty 1250 will arrive in a prepacked wooden crate which will require offloading and handling at your premises, the package weight will be 450kg.

Power Supply
The table and Laptop require 13amp Single phase, the Plasma 45XP 32amp Single phase and the PMX65 32 amp 3 phases.

Minimum Specification Windows 10
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 or similar
Hard disk: 5GB free space
Ethernet Connection
Internet connection for licencing and live machine support

Compressor and Air Quality
Pressure, flow rate, and air quality are crucial to maintain plasma cut quality and reduce machine maintenance. We recommend an independent survey by an air specialist who can assess your specific requirements.

Swifty in action

Colin Furze Swift-Cut Pro CNC plasma cutting table

YouTube Inventor Colin Furze, creates with Swift-Cut

With over 10.4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, a background in TV and a cult favourite – Colin Furze is the Inventor for the 21st Century. Renowned for inventions that even the most imaginative of people wouldn’t envisage – his repertoire includes the world’s fastest mobility scooter, a spinning belt of knives and a bike with wheels made of solid ice.

His YouTube videos have reached an audience of more than 1.1 billion and inspired children to go to school dressed up as him for world book days. He is doing for STEM perhaps what David Attenborough did for plastic pollution – raising awareness on a subject that has always been present but has been largely overlooked.

His workshop houses an arsenal of tools, equipment and scribbled designs on bits of old ply, but it’s his newest addition that is the jewel in his crown. Citing it as ‘life-changing’ on his website, The Swifty has been an exciting and innovative addition to his collection. What blew him away was just how easy The Swifty was to set up and run – he wasn’t expecting to be creating within hours of receiving it. The machine’s capabilities are extraordinary and he has been impressed with just how much he can do.

When Swift-Cut asked Colin how he was getting on with his machine, his exact words were:

“I love it. If you tried to take it off me, I’d fight you!”