New distributor

Souderweld, headquartered in Bitburg, has been busy selling Swift-Cut plasma cutting machines for several months. Last week, Souderweld got her demo system from Swift-Cut. With this demonstration system, the technical consultants of Souderweld are able to come to customers on site to demonstrate the Swift-Cut plasma cutting system.  Günter Hammling, Managing Director of Souderweld says: “the Swift-Cut plasma cutting machine is the first system that is easy to use, does not need big bursts and gives a really good cutting edge. And all for a very attractive price. We are proud to be able to demonstrate this system to our customers. ”  Souderweld is the largest specialized sweat shop in the Bitburg region. The three main areas of business are sales, rental and repair of welding equipment, autogenous technology as well as cutting tools such as the Swift-Cut plasma cutting machines.