Swift-Cut HVAC package

The Swift-Cut HVAC Pro package takes the exceptional engineering of the Pro Series, and matches it with a range of easy-to-use software options, and the Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP plasma power source. This creates a package that cannot be beaten in terms of quality and value for money. In an industry where speed and precision are key, the Swift-Cut HVAC Pro package is ready to take your business to the next level

Pro table overview

Software Option 1 – CAMduct

  • One of the largest fitting libraries in the world
  • Simple graphical interface
  • Advanced nesting algorithms and options to deliver better material utilisation
  • Share content libraries and databases with all other Autodesk Fabrication products
  • Advanced job costing tools
  • Bar coding and QR coding add data-rich codes to labels and worksheets

Software Option 2 – PractiCAM

  • The largest fitting library in the world (4000+) covering almost every imaginable product and including libraries of virtually all major manufacturers of duct and cutting equipment – and product libraries of every major competitor
  • Extensive sets of custom label and report templates
  • Instant, precise, integrated cost estimating system available
  • Advanced automatic and interactive nesting with multiple material and labour saving features – scrap utilisation, stock part fill-in, symmetrical insulation/liner nesting, gauge substitution
  • Can drive all major brands of coil lines and spiral machines

Software Option 3 – Libellula.HVAC

  • Library with more than 100 customisable parametric shapes
  • Ease of use thanks to exclusive 100% “One-Click” Libellula Philosophy
  • Total automation of the nesting process
  • 3D view of created parts
  • Linear workflow suitable for both designers and operators

Extraction-DCE Typhoon 4

  • 99.999% Efficient <2 mg/m3 Emissions into Atmosphere
  • Automatic Compressed Air Cleaning System
  • Average 6000 Hours Cartridge Life
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Spark Trap Included
  • 90 Ltr Dust Bin

Full Spec

  • Will cut all items required for your duct work projects
  • Swift-Cut Soft-Sense system replaces the out of date plate rider, allowing you to have a lighter gantry and head while maintaining quality, speed and accuracy
  • Longer consumable life compares to other systems due to the Soft-Sense and Swift-Cuts own Direct Cut Control (DCC)
  • Quality made custom extraction system with long life cartridge and low maintenance
  • 9m/min cut speeds maintained
  • 3000mm x 1500mm cutting area
  • 3mtr x 1.5mtr cutting area
  • Zoned down-draft cutting bed for efficient fume removal
  • Linear rail on all axes for super smooth torch movement
  • Intelligent Torch Height Control for increased cut quality and repeatability
  • Built in engraving head for marking bend lines and part information before cutting
  • Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP with HyAmp Mechanised Torch
  • Cutting speeds greater than 8 meters a minute on 1mm galvanised steel
  • Can cut up to 12mm Mild Steel plate if required
  • Superior torch performance and very low consumable usage
  • Smart-Sense technology ensures that air pressure is always set correctly
  • Available in 240v or 415v
  • CAMduct
    Powerful HVAC manufacturing and ductwork fabrication software application
  • PractiCAM
    The most advanced sheet metal work and HVAC software in the world
  • Libellula HVAC
    Entry level cost effective HVAC software package
Swift Cutter Swift-Cut Pro Table

Case Study – Eagle Fabrications & Insulation

Eagle Fabrications & Insulations Services Ltd specialise in the supply and installation of ventilation ductwork to the construction industry.  A company that has been in business for 25 years and prides itself on owning state of the art equipment to provide the very best engineering services, we were thrilled when they chose the Swift-Cut CNC Pro 3000 table to replace their older plasma machine.

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