Foursquare Farm Buildings Ltd


Staffordshire based Four Square Farm Buildings have twenty-five years’ worth of experience in the design, manufacture and construction of farm buildings.  A company that prides itself on bespoke designs and working WITH their clients to create the right buildings, fit for purpose and all within a decent time frame, MD Paul Richmond promises value for money and a complete service that is second to none.

From Biomass power stations and riding arenas to elephant houses and equine swimming pools, all their constructions are designed and manufactured in house.  Eighteen months ago, Paul decided he needed to add a CNC plasma machine to his workshop for the metal cutting work, in short, to create a nicer looking and neater alternative to the rough-cut connections and cleats that they had previously been supplying.  Prior to owning the Swift-Cut table, if the parts Paul needed weren’t straightforward he would have to outsource the metal profiling and this was expensive, with a two or three-week lead time, which was not conducive to the way they worked.

We couldn’t do without this machine, it’s fundamental to what we do and how we do it

Paul Richmond, MD of Foursquare Farm Buildings Ltd

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Paul chose the Swift-Cut PRO 2500, the mid-sized CNC plasma cutter.  He thought if anything the machine looked a bit too pretty to cope with the demands his industry would put upon it.  He couldn’t have been more wrong.  The machine is used daily, for hours on end, and never lets him down.

Installation was straightforward, Swift-Cut were on hand to assist as he had opted to do it himself.  What Paul has liked is the aftercare from Swift-Cut, who have been prompt when he’s had an issue and who have, when able, given Paul the tools to rectify the problems himself.  He’s found this approach refreshing, all too often we are lumbered with bills for work we could probably do ourselves, how reassuring that Swift-Cut are looking to help the customer, as opposed to simply seeing it as an opportunity to charge a call out fee.

Paul is so impressed with the capabilities of his machine that he will soon look to upgrade to a newer model, sticking with Swift-Cut of course.  ‘Put it this way,’ he said, ‘we could not do without this machine, its fundamental to what we do and to how we do it.’


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