Swift-Cut at 2000 metres above sea level

Swift-cut plasma cutting pro table 2000 metres above sea level

Here at Swift-Cut, we’ve seen our CNC plasma cutting machines end up all over the world and in some brilliant places, but we think our customer in Switzerland has to be the highest machine we’ve ever installed. Located 2000 metres above sea level, Zermatt Bergbahen is a service station located up the Matterhorn and looks after all the trains and cable carts in the region.

When you’re 2000 metres up a mountain, it can be quite the task to get parts made and delivered, so having the in-house capabilities that the Swift-Cut machine offers is priceless.

We’re really looking forward to hearing how they get on with their Swift-Cut Pro 2500 Water Table, we’re confident that it’ll be a brilliant addition to their station – even at altitude the Swift-Cut CNC plasma cutting table out-performs the competition.